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Samosas (VG, VN)

Deep-fried crispy turnover with curried potato and peas filling

Saag Paneer

A healthy & comforting dish of homespun cheese braised in a rich green spinach sauce with onions, tomatoes, traditional spices, and aromatics

Chana Masala (VG, VN, GF)

Garbanzo beans simmered in onion-tomato gravy spiced with aromatic Indian spices

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF)

Tender boneless chicken tikka marinated with ginger, garlic, yogurt, and Indian spices, chargrilled in a tandoor and braised in a rich, creamy, orange-colored tomato-based sauce

Craving Indian Food? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving Indian Food? Order pickup or delivery now!
We offer pickup and delivery to Downtown! Get Indian Food delivered in 45 mins.


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